Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pot O' Gold

The Gold, It's right over that hill.

Once in awhile you have a morning where you see how far you have come. Today was one of those days. I found myself hanging on in the middle of the group all the way out the beeline. It was a cloudy morning with rain showers around but we didn't hit any until I turned around. Out on the beeline we were hauling along at 20 something mph when someone gets a flat and a rider up ahead touched their brakes a little excessively which led to some tense moments further down the pack. We had around 30-40 cyclists out this morning. Sterling decided to go ahead a bit with another rider that was struggling a bit to keep the pace so they wouldn't get dropped while the gang waited for the flat fix. The hills were where the pack usually split up. Since I would be turning around at 7:30 I decided I would go with them and was happy to note that when the group did catch us I was able to hold on without too much breathless agony.

Time to quit riding the dirt and go home.

We had just turned onto Shea when I noticed a couple of riders peal off to head back. Seeing as it was near 7:30 and it would be nice to have someone to ride back with I joined them. We stuck together all the way back to Power rd. where we split off into separate directions. I managed to get a good picture of them and the double rainbow near the turnaround though. Despite hitting various rain showers it was a beautiful morning to be riding. I hope all the good folks doing the mt. Lemmon Brevet in Tucson aren't getting too much rain.

The wall of bikes and a garage that is just about clean finally.


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

So many bikes you got to park the cars in driveway, right? I'm not there yet but close!

Cheers! Bruce

Sir Bikesalot said...

We can fit my wife's van in but no other cars. She is the one that started cleaning the garage and she pointed out I had 4 bikes (nto including the kid's bikes). She found that odd. By the time today is done I will have ridden them all within the last week. Even more disturbing, I have a new frame arriving today that I got on sale from nashbar that has room for fatter tires and fenders since it's a touring frame. So many bikes, so little time.....