Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back in a Land of Seasons

Snow on the mountains

It's cold up here in the north. 40's at 3pm heading out the door and up for a sweet ride up the canyon. The Canyon is Hobble Creek and the city is Springville, Utah. I've hauled my commuter bike and all my winter weather gear up here. It snowed on Monday and snow is in the forecast for Saturday. Today however, the streets are clear and the stars are aligned for a crisp winter ride up into a mountain canyon.

Your's Truly.

I only made one wrong turn on my way over to the road that went up the canyon. After getting on the right road I made the mistake of taking the bike path instead of the road. A mistake you ask? Yup. It was quite lovely going around hobble creek reservoir but soon the path snuggles up against the north side of the mountains to the south and gets shadier. Shade = snow. I discovered that you can in fact pedal a roadbike on a 2-3% grade in the snow without slipping if you are careful. It is not an optimum arrangement though so I was interested in getting back on the road.

Hobble Creek Reservoir

I had never explored the arms of hobble creek where it forked before and decided that today was the day. I took the left arm first. The temps were in the 30's as I worked my way up the north fork of Hobble Creek. There were numerous large tacky mansions all over the place. Each owner had likely plopped down close to a million on them I am sure so that they could put their crime against good architecture and nature upon a scenic landscape. Money is truly wasted on the wealthy I think sometimes. Then again, if I was wealthy perhaps it would change me to be the same.

Snow on the Bike Path

It was in the low 30's up in the shadier parts of the canyon. There was still ice and snow on the road in spots as I got up around 5500 feet. I finally got up to the end of the pavement at another mansion with special landscaping to make the creek look like a creek from another place with fir trees. Still it was nice so I'll stop being catty. It's better landscaped than my yard anyway.


You know, I was asking myself what more this beautiful canyon could use and then I stumbled on this and dope slapped myself and said of course! Another tacky over the top mansion!

Turn around at the end of the pavement.

Valley and Mountains

There are a few normal houses in this canyon sandwiched in. People who called this place home long before it got trendy or got a golf course.

29 degrees at the icy turn around on the South Fork of Hobble Creek.

It was a chilly ride down the hill in 29 degree air. My fingers and toes were chilly. After a few wrong turns I finally got back to my Sister's house. But not without impressing my Nephews friend with my amazing bike handling skills as I began my turn at the bottom of the big hill behind my Sisters house and my front tire blew out spectacularly. He said he kept waiting for me to bite it and he was surprised when I was able to save it. The tire was toast though. Finding and open bike shop the night before thanksgiving is not the easiest thing around here but I did so stay tuned for more blogs this week. I hope to ride around Utah Lake on Friday. Tomorrow I'll probably head up Hobble Creek for a second dose.

Sunset on the Wasatch Front.

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