Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best time.

Getting out of bed was a real chore today, but I got rewarded for my bravery of leaving the bed before the light of day. I got a best time. It hurt but I got it. I kind of knew I'd be in the running when I hit the 101 with an average of 20.2 mph. Of course from there through Tempe it drops but I usually regain a bit cruising through Paradise Valley. It was a crisp morning in Mesa and I had leg warmers and my windvest on but I would shed it soon as I was working hard. I am seeing a lot more commuters out as of late. Although this morning I did not pass any going my way, and likewise I didn't get passed. I was cruising. Usually when I get to the 101 I know I am going to have to push it from there, especially when I have had a good average before that point. That is usually where I get a few hills getting mixed in and so my intervals start there. I did a good job of keeping up by the threshold before that though. The intervals were extreme today and with the legs screaming and the heart pounding I knew I was up in the upper training zone expanding my V02 max. Can't say I noticed too much along there I was working so hard but I did wave to the cyclists on the other side of the road. By the time I got out of Paradise valley I was getting killed with stoplights. If it weren't for them I would have set my best time by about a minute instead of 30 seconds. I averaged 19.8 mph over 31 miles for a time of one hour and thirty three minutes (with 420 feet of climbing and a clunky rack trunk on the back). Anyway, a best time is kind of special so I thought I would blog it. May the wind be at your back, or at least light my friends.

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