Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Work and No Play....

After 2 days of messing with a reluctant database server babysitting it and sitting in meetings and conference calls I finally had a moment free. I had missed 2 days of commuting and I was ready to go out and rip up some miles. After the babysitter showed up I was off on the coy mistress to head out to Saguaro lake and back.

Road up Usery Pass

I was attacking the hills like my friends ChiHuaHua let loose after being locked in the bathroom for days. I was very happy to see that although it had once been my goal to stay above 10 mph up the front side of Usery I was holding 13-14 mph up it. I was breathing heavy but I was free. Free of the constant need to check my processes that were running on the server to see if they had finished. Free from emails, and calls, and meetings. Free from cars and traffic and commitments for a few hours.

That there Mtn. Says We're near Phoenix Maude...

In no time I was shooting down the backside. My legs were a bit tired after blasting up the hill but kept spinning me down the hill. I saw a few cyclists climbing the other side. There seemed to be a slight headwind as I didn't get above 35 mph but it was still a nice descent. The cloudy day was warmer than I would have thought, I think the humidity must have been up, either that or I was working hard...... Naw, couldn't be that.

The park sign by daylight

Out on the Bush highway there was construction going on. Road Cyclists of the east valley are getting their stimulus benefits in the form of shoulders being added to the bush highway. It will be sweet but for now the lanes are narrow and the pavement ends abruptly. Still, there is not a lot of traffic out today.

Passing the water users parking lot where river tubers put in my steepest hill of the day starts. Before I get to the top it will get to 9% but is only 6-7% most of the way up. I am pleased to notice I don't have to use my lowest gear most of the way. Soon I am cresting the top and dropping down to Saguaro Lake Marina.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale....

I quickly stop at the Marina for a photo op. No trip to Saguaro lake is proper without a quick ride along the lake. There are not a lot of boats on the lake today. Along the shore there are a few workers picking up garbage along the shore. I notice that I am speeding as I cruise along the road, fortunately theres not a lot of people out today.

What am I thinking?

It is a beautiful day and the lake is just as beautiful. It would be tempting to hang out and enjoy the afternoon but the day is growing long and I must be off. I pull onto the road out behind a truck pulling a big pontoon boat up the hill. He is a bit faster than me and my legs are getting a little tired and I am starting to feel the results of my zealousness so I am not behind him long.

Theres another short climb and then and then a drop down the steep hill I climbed before going to the lake. My legs are feeling a bit fatigued now but I press on as I am in the construction area and need to keep moving. It is not too bad cruising among the rollers from the Blue Point Bridge back to the four corners. The sun is noticeably starting to nod.

I start the hill with gusto though my legs are tired and I spur them on as I spy a cyclist up ahead. I work to try and catch him but he seems to be going either my pace or a bit faster. My legs are not fresh and I have probably pushed a little harder than I should have when I started but I am still able to keep a faster pace than I used to.

Suddenly I notice another rider behind me. I push harder asking my legs to give their last. They are burning and tired. Slowly the rider catches me and passes with a brief greeting. I try to hold him but I just don't have anything left. Still I keep him in sight until the last corner before the top and then he comes back going down for a repeat. I am not going to repeat. The sun is nodding and I must be getting home.

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