Monday, July 23, 2007

Run Bike Swim, rest......

The above image of my finishing the last Splash and Dash. I tink I look like I am doing some sort of Chicken victory dance. Anyway, that was a very tough race for me as I was sick during most of the run (combination of dehydration and yucky powerbar floating around in stomache). Anyway, I had zero energy but I did finish and I did manage to avoid doing my duty of finishing last this time (happens to everyone sometime I figure).

Anyway, this morning seeing as I had done nothing last week due to being up in nthe forest at a scoutcamp last week, I figured I would get a run in before biking to work as there was another race this Saturday and a tri coming up a month from Saturday. Long story short the run was nice but the bicycle ride was very muggy and hot. I did make it in though. At lunch I figured I would go do a few laps in the pool just to get rid of the out of the pool for a week feeling before I do a long workout tomorrow morning.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Look at me! I'm a swimmer!

Couldn't ride in today so I went to the pool over lunch with the car and decided to do my long workout in the pool today so I could taper for Saturday's Splash and Dash. Well, now this may not seem like a lot to you cool and fast swimmers out there, but I did 8 sets of 100m's and averaged 2:02 per 100m! my fastest 100m time was 1:53 which is a personal best for me. Anyway, one has to celebrate these little victories while training.
I also managed to hit the big 200 lbs on weight over the weekend. a weight I have not been at for nearly a year. If I can get it down to 190 again I should notice a big increase in speed and climbing on the bike.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Goodbye my Brooks, for now.

Well, I put a triathlon saddle on my bike today and put the brooks upon my shelf. Feeling guilty I wrote my poor saddle an ode, to cheer it until Randonneuring season starts up again.

Ode to my Saddle.

Oh leather Brooks, betwixt my cheeks,
That would not soften for weeks and weeks,
And hast endured many gaseous emissions,
Hind sweat, assorted balms and other reeks.
Hast always been true though various conditions.

Oh oiled saddle beneath my rear,
My hind quarters in pain did not sear,
Though heavy weight made the racers snear and snigger,
And many a rider thought me quite queer,
I stifle a laugh, their bottom sores are bigger.

Oh cowhide hammock, who holds my jewels,
And as I ride and shift them, he deftly duels,
with one last adjustment, I’m glad to find the spot,
riding in comfort, past poor grimacing fools,
Who bought countless saddles, and great comfort have sought.

Oh Leather brooks, carry me on,
Through darkest night, and bright summer dawn,
And keep not, concentration on things which are down,
Just keep me in comfort, and looking anon,
going forth, smiling away with nary a frown.