Monday, July 23, 2007

Run Bike Swim, rest......

The above image of my finishing the last Splash and Dash. I tink I look like I am doing some sort of Chicken victory dance. Anyway, that was a very tough race for me as I was sick during most of the run (combination of dehydration and yucky powerbar floating around in stomache). Anyway, I had zero energy but I did finish and I did manage to avoid doing my duty of finishing last this time (happens to everyone sometime I figure).

Anyway, this morning seeing as I had done nothing last week due to being up in nthe forest at a scoutcamp last week, I figured I would get a run in before biking to work as there was another race this Saturday and a tri coming up a month from Saturday. Long story short the run was nice but the bicycle ride was very muggy and hot. I did make it in though. At lunch I figured I would go do a few laps in the pool just to get rid of the out of the pool for a week feeling before I do a long workout tomorrow morning.

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Way to go, Paul