Thursday, December 7, 2006

Fire and Ice.

Well, I wasn't expecting to have to ride home yesterday but I got a call in the mid afternoon saying that our church had been set on fire and that I needed to get there and get some records out. Well, I had a wonderful tailwind most of the way luckily and made remarkable time until I got a flat. I am officially fed up with my rim strips and tires at this point and am looking for a change. Anyway, I got to the church and I think the damage wasn't quite as bad as the vandals had intended and our offices had mostly smoke damage from the ventilation system which they shared with other offices. It is a pity people feel it is their religious duty to try and intimidate others in their religious beliefs but they had little effect on us as all our meetings for the evening still happened, just at another location. People are stupid sometimes, but I don't think that is anything profound as we will always have an abundance of stupid people, I guess according to the law of supply and demand stupid people are cheap because they are in abundance.
Anyway, this mornings commute was slow as a result of racing home last night (averaged 19 mph which isn't bad considering it is mostly uphill). I headed out through the farms on Recker road and was dismayed to see more farmland eaten up by the great monster of progress, the mighty suburbistein. There were still some farms out there though and there was a nice mist over the fields. Knowing I was going to be slow today I wore my balaclava and my glasses would fog up at every stoplight. I must have looked funny being the "blind" cyclist. Anyway, I had another flat near the office, this one was due to a slightly exposed spoke hole from the crappy performance rim tape I bought that was not completely covering the hole. Anyway, life goes on. People deal us bad hands and we make of it what we can. The Randonneur takes what is given him and moves on not losing sight of the end goal.

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