Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Eye in the sky.

Well, when I finally got out of bed this morning I was cold. I slowly got everything ready and was really late by the time I got out. I figure that if you can't be late during purgatory days (days between Christmas and New Year when everyone is on vacation and work seems to be a lot more casual) when can you be late? Anyway, I overdressed seeing as I am used to riding a half hour earlier in the dark and cold. I was sweating pretty good after a bit. Had a nice tailwind for a few miles but the fickle wind figured out what I was up to and stopped. The sky was a lovely grey this morning, you have to enjoy the grey days down here as there is so many sunny days it gets tedious. I did manage to get up into zone 3 on the heart rate monitor and stayed up in zone 4 for most of the second half of the commute. Turning south on the 202 I noticed a hot air ballon flying low over my head and gave them a wave. They were probably too busy to see a cyclist below them but each of us was moving along through the air with silent efficiency.

A week from Saturday is the start of the Southern Arizona Brevet Series. I am pleased that I seem to be a lot healthier this year than last. It would be nice to have a year where I could see what I can really do with some training (mind you training being what you can do and still have a family of 4 young children and a wife not necessarily a long ride or two every weekend).

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