Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fall is here

Well, halfway through December and I officially declare Fall to be here. I noticed a few trees showing their colors this morning as I sped down Ray while the cold air nipped at my fingers. Took it slow as I am attempting to taper this week so I can ride a quick century on Saturday. I am hoping to do it in under 5 hours. Last month I got it down to 5 hrs and 14 minutes for 100 miles. I almost didn't make it out of the garage this morning. Was feeling down getting out of bed and then to have a flat tire before even leaving the garage was disheartening but I pumped the tire up and headed out. The great yet mischievous spirit of traffic control did take pity on me and I think I only had to stop for 1 light on the way in which is pretty rare considering I go through about 30 on my way in.

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