Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's the wolf moon, or at least the day after. It's the brightest moon of the year this year. I have had a time of getting the Coy Mistress out of the garage and down the street. I am out of new tubes and have several issues with the tires. It's been a bad week, a busy day, and I'm way strung out. We finally get operational though. The city lights are behind and I stop to switch off my light. Yes, turn it off. The moon is bright and I spend the next 2 hours riding in the moonlight with just my taillights to light up the back.

My goal is to get right up against the Superstition mountains and work the neighborhood roads across the front of it. The closer I get to the mountains the more the giant cliffs loom above me in the moonlight. Suddenly the road I am on turns and around the corner it is dirt. As I stop to turn around I am surrounded by the sounds of Coyotes howling at the moon all the way along the front of the mountains.

Meandering through the neighborhoods silent and stealthy without my light on I feel like a bandit or some sort of night apparition roaming the neighborhood. Maybe I should stop and terrorize some chickens or something like that. Nah, I think folks up in these here parts probably have some buckshot for any sort o Werecyclists roaming under the full moon.

On the way home I run into something stranger than a cyclist out around midnight.

Theres a lady that sure, all her curlers are rolled, And she's buying a hairway to heaven.....

This has got to be one of the more bizarre signs I have seen.

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