Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There are times when one day seems the same as the next. That there is never any hope of anything else and that no amount of effort will yield anything worthwhile. Life becomes pointless and desire for anything is gone. The grey city breathes heavily and a million people move about in unchanging paths like hopeless unfeeling automatons. Life is a burdon and a weight hangs heavy on my soul.

Then like an aspirin a good bicycle ride starts to pump color back into life and resurrect a positive perspective. If I can just get up enough umph to get the bike out things will be alright. It might not last, it probably won't, but for the moment, all is right. Hanging over the handlebars as the legs churn the pedals and propel me down the street or through a desert landscape, it doesn't matter. My bike and I leave this sad rain grey world for a short period of time and things are OK for awhile. I am free to ride wherever or however I want. Up hills, down hills, around cacti, in the mountains, down screaming descents or up steep desert canyons. There is no one there to criticize, my mind is employed in positive endeavors and the demons of self degradation are drowned out by the wind in my ears and the joy of motion. There is no second guessing, there is only motion, wind, sun, air, and life in it's purest form. Allure Libre.

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

The more we ride, the sooner the warm Sun will appear to reward our Brotherhood with great days of riding ahead!

Allure Libre!