Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week in pictures

Sterling climbing out of Canyon Lake

It's been a good week. I probably worked a lot harder than I should have after last Saturday's ride but I felt Ok and the body seemed to hold up ok until today. Today I rode out to canyon lake with the Brumbys but had to back off to the moderate groups since yesterdays mtb fest over lunch left my legs a bit drained so I settled for 67 miles at a moderate speed with a moderate amount of climbing. I turned around when I got dropped as I thought Sterling had turned around when he got dropped and climbing hills alone into a vicious wind with a knee that wasn't sure about things didn't seem like it was a good idea to me. Just a few miles back down the road I ran into Sterling and Wade though. I figured I'd hop on with them and was glad I did.

View of Canyon Lake from near the first bridge.

It was a good ride with good conversation despite the fickle wind, fickle but strong. I wanted to get close to 200 miles for the week but I ended up a little short but that's ok, I'm recovering I guess, besides I got well over that last week.

Another shot of Canyon Lake

I'd originally thought I might actually make the end of the pavement but after I got dropped I kind of ditched that idea. The legs were a bit weak and sometimes prudence is the better part of valor.

Sterling climbing the first big hill.

As I write this I feel more drained than I have any right to be after having only ridden 67 miles with 2600 feet of climbing. I think going short was a good idea. I'll go long next week.

Just me and my shadow right after getting dropped.

Me just outside the Phoenix Mountain Park visitor center on the west end of trail 100.

Since Friday's lunch ride goofed up my Saturday ride I suppose I should write a little about it. I got into work early and figured I was good for a 90 minute ride over lunch. Why would I be tempted to ride a little to much on Friday and risk spoiling my legs for Saturday? Well, the postman was nice to me on Thursday night and brought the parts I needed to put my v-brakes on the fork I bought off a guy on the MTBR forum. You can't install new equipment without testing it right away, it's a law or something. If the next day is a near 70 degree sunny day and you don't do it I think it becomes a felony. I had to do it don't ya know.
The bike with the new fork, look at all that shockalific fork!

I stupidly decided to test my fork on the section of trail 100 west of the dreamy draw. That section has a lot of climbing and some rough trail. Not anywhere near as flat or easy as the other sections of trail. That being said, it was a great side to see the beauty of the new fork on.

Mmmmm mmmm good, look at all that new travel!

The fork does have a lockout for climbing which I found nice on the 10% + climbs as the shock fully extended tends to make me do wheelies. It's amazing how much easier some obstacles become with a better fork.
Me on the eastern end of trail 100 on Wednesday.

The bike in a desert gully between two buttes

The commuter in front of Arizona falls on the way home on Tuesday.
(it's a manmade waterfall on a canal in case you thought it was something exotic, sorry to disappoint you.)

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