Saturday, January 23, 2010

Guess what I saw on the wild horse trail?

The head of the brumbies.

So....I got my fork fixed with 1 of the last 4 cartridges for my fork in existence according to the manufacturer. Unfortunately the first bike shop I went to to get the shock pumped up at didn't have the adapter for an older fork like mine. So I spent over an hour cursing as I tore the garage apart trying to find the one the guy I bought the fork from sent me. In desperation I called the good guys over at A1 bike shop in a last ditch effort. True to form, they had the part. Never underestimate the guys down at A1.

So, I finally got to the trailhead at 3:30. My 4 hour ride had become a sub 3 hour ride. Scenery wise it was tops though. Due to the rains the trails were a little more difficult than normal. There were ruts where there hadn't been formerly and all the washes were sandy. After a few days to dry out everything will be back to normal again.

Another wild horse

The river below the first set of cliffs was running and the desert was starting to green up. Within a few days it will be absolutely beautiful.

I was barreling down the trail when suddenly there was a cactus in the way. I managed to brake and miss it but that wouldn't have been good if I hit it. First thing it would make me do a face plant and then to add insult to injury I'd have a flat tire too!
Heavy rains like we had are death to Saguaros if they are leaning or getting old. They suck up all that extra water and it makes them heavier. If they are leaning or weak then they go right over. I saw two downed saguaros on today's ride.

Heading up to the NRA pit there were a few guys on downhill bikes climbing up the hillside for a last run or two for the day. The sun was getting further down and it was time for me to head back.

The wild horses

On my way back the sun was getting lower and as I turned a corner a beautiful mustang with a white patch on his nose was standing on the ridge in front of me. It was a pictures perfect moment but by the time I got the phone out and tried to get close enough for a good picture he moved. I did get a pictures of him and the others but it wasn't as good a shot. I counted 8 of them total. Wish I had brought my good camera.

More horses.

After getting off the Wild Horse trail and up twisted sister I started to run out of time. The sun was setting and I had to get back to the car before dark fell. At one point I heard a clear 'ping' and noticed my lockout knob on my fork had come off. I must not have tightened it enough. I could either sit and look for it in the shadows and perhaps get stuck out here, or I could just realize I'd have to buy another one and get back to the car before darkness. I made it before things got really dark but it was hard to see the last bit.

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