Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Real Purpose of Cochise Classic

Ok, this is the part where I take a slight deviation from the ride reports and remind you that the Cochise Classic is in 2 weeks and change. I also remind you that this is a charity event and I am actually trying to raise a few bucks for the good guys at the Douglas Association of Retarded Citizens. Should you feel charitable at all (and I hope you do). Click on the 'donate' button at the right side of the screen and donate something. 5,10, 20 bucks, whatever you can spare. I'll cover the paypal fees. Remember the paypal goes through my wife's account so don't be put off by the laytonmusic verbage. Anyway, if you have been waiting to hop on board on this, now is the time! A special thank you for those who have contributed at this time. We have 205 dollars raised so far. I have signed up for the 350 dollar level so anything more that can be contributed would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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