Saturday, September 5, 2009

Duck Season....Wabbit Season........Hunter's friend season

So it's early Saturday morning and though I did not sleep well the Coy Mistress is calling me from the garage. She is a harsh mistress indeed, but I need to get out. Monday's the big ride of course but I am up for a moderate ride with what has been termed the 'Not so fast' crowd of Brumbys. I think the fast guys just slept in a half hour and headed out with everyone because there were no regroups, the pace was dropping people off the back, and folks attacked the first hill pretty harshly. I hung on actually but I was working hard. Too hard.

The original plan was to head out to Canyon Lake but since there were giant angry storm clouds of death over there the group turned to head up the bush highway where the skies were clearer. After holding on for awhile I decided that it was not the ride I had intended to take today and let them go. It's no use winning a skirmish and losing the war. Stick to your training plan Paul!

I bagged the group out at the area where the tubers put into the Salt River and headed back the way I came. I got rained on some. Apparently this week is the first week of Dove season here. As I went up the back side of Usery pass there were gunshots on both sides of me fairly continuously all the way up. I briefly imagined I was a soldier sneaking between two fronts of fighting soldiers as the bullets whistled over my head. No real bullets were whistling over my head of course but people sure were shooting close to the road. Probably too lazy to walk far.

Nearing the top I heard several shots and then as I saw the hunters who had fired, noticed their friend downrange of them. They are lucky they didn't pull a Dick Cheney. Sometimes you have to wonder at some folks. I suppose instead of calling it hunting season they should call it hunter season.

Just over the hill is the rifle range where the Bubbas and their buddies get a huge dope slap from qualified safety supervisors when they do stupid things like the hunters on the other side. Some folks just shouldn't mess with guns. Others just shouldn't be allowed to drive. What ya gonna do? I guess they'll eventually clean themselves out of the gene pool but hopefully they don't take anyone with them.

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