Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best Alternative

Is she riding side saddle? I need to watch better

My alarm didn't go off this morning. I know this Saturday is not one of my big ride Saturdays but I still wanted to get 60-70 miles in. So, the altered plan is to do them tonight and that would let me take the kids out to donuts and the park on bicycles. Since we'd have to be home before 9 anyway. The kids like riding bikes and someday I hope they work up into longer distances. For now they are fine going 5-10 miles at a time.

Cyclist or Gymnast? Or both????
Some guys dogs attacked us when we were cruising down the alley to the park. The idiot had left his back gate open. Dogs seemed to stick around the house they just went after anything in the alley that looked like it was afraid of them. Fortunately no one was bitten just a scratch. Kids were a little traumitized but soon we were to the park and all was better.

Got to take the boys to Gymnastics when we got home. One is quitting this month as he keeps comparing himself to his brother and thinks he's no good. Better than most of the kids in the class but not his brother so he is quitting. We're hoping to get him into Karate and then they won't compete against each other. The other one is very good at the gym stuff. He is already doing back handsprings on the floor and really crazy cool stuff on the trampoline. Most of the teachers think he'll go far.
Took some pictures of my journey to the light rail the other night. The monsoons were gathering over Phoenix. Mesa didn't get any rain but the clouds were cool.

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