Monday, April 27, 2009

One Man's Demons

To speed or not to speed, that is the question.

At times when it seems everyone is my judge, and my tasks form an impenetrable black wall before me, when my head hangs low and my heart wallows in meaningless sorrow. These are the times to feel the wind on my face. To force the pedals to do my bidding. To flee the clutches of civilization and grasp the freedom of the road with both hands as I hear the gentle hum of wheels caressing the pavement. To breathe freely the desert air on a sunlit morning. To stare across the tops of mountains and desert canyons bespeckled with cacti raising their arms to the sky in ceaseless worship. To gaze down on the beaten hill, master of me no longer. To feel the wind rush past as I forget the signs and limits and release myself to the higher laws of gravity and inertia. To raise my head and declare I have done something. In a time when all seems unfulfilled and wasted. I have climbed the hill though my legs are fatigued, though my breath is short, though I have had a flat tire and been abandonned by the group to seek my own glory, I have conquered.


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Get back to work!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hey you still do the commute into the office right?

Cheers! Bruce

Sir Bikesalot said...

Yep. A few weeks ago I even started riding all the way in instead of using a bus for part of the journey (although I still use the bus on easier days in my training plan). At this point I can say the knee is no longer an issue and I am a full fledged bike commuter again.