Friday, May 1, 2009

Night in the City

Piestewa/Squaw peak

I was intending to ride home today since this would be my last day for a longish ride since I am taking the kids camping Friday. I didn't get out of work until after 6:30 pm though so it is a good thing I packed my "backup" light into the old rack trunk. I carb packed over lunch at Aunt Chilada's which I discovered was only a 1/4 mile from my work. I ate way too much. Still, since I had to work late it all worked out.

I had to check out a flat tire before I left but the leak was slow enough I couldn't find it so I pumped it up and headed out. The legs were a bit sluggish on the first hills but not overly so. I made good time heading back to Camelback mt.

I was pushing hard as I knew this was my last hard ride before I started my taper for next week's brevet. I kept my heartrate between 78-85% of maximum heartrate most of the way home. My backup light I must say is pretty good. I was outriding it a bit and hit a few minor potholes but I was going pretty fast. My speeds most of the way home were 20+. I was pleased upon arriving at home to find my avg speed was 19.6 mph over 32 miles with 540 feet of climbing. Not too shabby. Now to rest up for a bit.

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hey, that last picture--you get a lift from the Space Brothers?