Thursday, April 9, 2009

Surprise Evening Commute

I worked until after 6 PM last night. The crux is I missed the bus. My wife said she would meet me at the price and main park and ride so I took of around 20 after and picked up a planet bike superflash at the corner bike shop. I have always wanted to buy one of these as I have heard they are unbelievably bright. They are. I could use this thing as a red flashlight. Anyway, I snapped some pretty pictures of Camelback mtn at sunset and I thought I would share them. The headwinds were atrocious but at least the scenery in the evening glow makes up for it. My wife didn't recognize me cruising into the parking lot with the top buttons of my shirt undone and my sleeves rolled up, of course there was the helmet bandana and weird mirror as well.

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