Thursday, January 4, 2007

Taper time.

Well, I haven't got a lot of riding time in this week as I'm tapering (yeah, tapering that's it, the fact I have been up late playing online games and been a lazy butt in the morning has nothing to do with it). Even so I did the short commute this morning which involves hitching a ride with my father inlaw both ways and rding the 4 miles from his work to mine and back. I took it easy and would have driven in these last two days before the ride except I can't really afford the gas right now and I took my generator hub wheel off and I want to put a few miles in on the other wheel before the event to just make sure there are no surprises. Anyway, it was pretty cold this morning but I think I have my clothing estimate ready for Saturday morning. I think leg warmers will do it so I am going to leave the tights at home although with a high of 61 it might not be a bad idea to take them for the sun protection and forget the leg warmers. I'll have to see on Saturday morning. My windstopper jacket is a no brainer I think. It really does keep me a lot warmer than a normal windbreaker, it's only weakness is it doesn't convert into a windvest like my other windbreaker. Of course the mittens are coming along. I will likely leave my lighter gloves in the car for the trip out onto the rez and back. This will be the first year I will be trying my pure maltodextrin and endurolyte mix on a brevet. I have done a few 100 miles rides and find it does good and doesn't mind being mixed with solid foods now and then. It is much cheaper to bulk buy maltodextrin in this form too. I figure I have a 2 year supply from a 60 lbs bag I bought for $60. The endurolytes are there to provide electrolytes of course. The only thing that I need more on long rides is some protein once in awhile which Ronald is glad to furnish me with (or the queen of all dairies providing I can get to her before closing time).

This is a hill on the 200k route I will be passing this weekend.

My jeep and the brevetmobile at the round trip bikeshop parking lot last year.

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