Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back to back to back

Well, my usual routine is ride into work, get a ride home. This week everything is all goofed up though. I didn't get a ride in on Monday (felt tired) and Tuesday is a work at home day and I slept in (late night). wednesdayI got a ride in but was able to ride home. Anyway, that leaves today and Saturday to get riding in as I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and will have to drive. So, I am commuting in to work and home today which will make for 3X25 mile rides in 26 hours. Hopefully that equates to a longer ride in my physiology. If not, well, It's what I could do this week. Since getting back into riding it was interesting that I initialy lost a bunch of weight but now I am gaining again. Must be muscle as I am not eating enough to increase fat.
The ride in this morning was warmer than usual due to a late start. It was a beautiful morning. I altered my route slightly and found I got honked at (hasn't happened in awhile) so I waved all friendly like to play with their mind and went on my merry way. It wasn't my fastest commute but it definitely was not my slowest either. I will be very happy if I can maintain that speed over the 300k route.

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