Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Good Evening Workout

Rode home last night. Had a really good ride with the heartrate up in zone 4 much of the way and even peeking into zone 5. My Heartrate high was 93% of Max and I averaged a heartrate of 81%. I ended up averaging 18 mph which would have been faster had my tires been pumped up all the way (they were around 80lbs). Still based on the fact that the land slopes upward towards my house I don't think 18 is a bad average. Had some guy flash his brights at me in an intersection as my dynohub light wasn't lit. Probably should think about wearing my headlamp to give me a solid light as it occured to me it was kind of dangerous not having a front light in that situation. Wouldn't be bad practice for Brevets either as that is going to be my backup light. Anyway, I took it easy this morning after last nights workout. Thinking about riding down to Arizona City on Saturday to pickup my Jeep that I loaned to my sister inlaw since their car went down last weekend but is fixed now. Nice not being dependent on a car, bikes are so much more reliable!

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