Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holy frozen Grass Batman!

Well, our 1 day of autumn is over and winter temperatures are here! My fingertips are still thawing out as my full finger gloves aren't quite up to 29 degrees with a 16 degree windchill at speed. I am hoping to get some lobster mitts for Christmas. Anyway, about this mornings ride. I knew it was going to be cold when I heard that we would be in the upper 20s this morning. I realized it was cold when I saw recently sprinklered grass that was frozen. Of course my fingers were cold all the way in and the toes only started to get a little cold in the last bit. I manged to get into zone 3 a few times this morning on the heartrate so that was good. I managed to average 17.6 this morning despite a crosswind most of the way. Anyway, that was the commute this morning, the sun is rising later, either that or I managed to get out the door earlier. Either way, the sun seemed to rise a lot later this morning.

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