Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brrr. Feels like Autumn out there.

After all the freeze warnings last night on the news I knew I was in for a cold commute this morning. Luckily I found my full fingered gloves in the jeep just before leaving. Of course they turned out being just barely adequate as downtown Phoenix was 38 degrees and outlying areas such as Mesa could be in the 20s. It wasn't that cold but I can believe it was in the 30s. It's about time it got cold too as it has been a rather temperate Autumn. Maybe the leaves will start changing soon. As I proceeded to head west across the metro area I noticed that the winds were not favorable for riding west this morning. I had a headwind. It took me a little while to realize that too as I just thought I was weak from depleting my glycogen over the past few days. In reality I was just fighting a headwind which would slow me for the whole commute. Even so I managed to average 17 mph overall though which isn't bad.

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