Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gas? We don't need no stinking gasses.....

Well, I figured I would get my excersize in this morning and take it easy as today is a rest day, but I still wanted to do something to help with the weight I am trying to lose. So this morning I had a nice 50 minute ride at around 58% of maximum heartrate and figured I was good for the day. It was a beautiful morning with a little chill but not too bad. The clouds were swirling in the sky and I kind of felt sorry for all the poor people in cars that had to miss this beautiful morning. Anyway, the ride was over before I knew it and I was taking my daughter in to school. Well, fast forward a few hours and my wife and I are having a discussion about tight finances and bank accounts. Well, the long and short of it is that every penny counts for the next bit and I figured I could run my errand to the bike shop to buy 2 spokes and a patch kit by bike and save a buck or two in gas. Thus, I ended up with a little more of a workout today as the bikeshop run is about 10 miles and for taking it easy I averaged 16.5 mph which isn't too bad for a rest day I figure (maybe even a little fast, only tomorrow will tell). It was surprisingly cold on the afternoon portion of my riding. You would think it was Autumn or something crazy like that. The reason I mention this is because it has been a very warm november and it was kind of odd to all of a sudden have a chilly afternoon. Now to figure out where to put the $4 in quarters I dug out of my drawer that I didn't use (bike shop bill was $8, I had a lot of quarters it turns out).

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