Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shhhhhh, Don't Jinx me.

So lately Mrs. Randocommute has taken an interest in cycling.  Nothing crazy mind you, it all starts with that neighborhood ride and an easy going attitude riding with all the kids.  From there, a query is made about perhaps crashing onto the end of my Tues Thurs workout on the tandem.  Pinch me.  This morning I cut my workout to an hour,  got home,  adjusted the backseat of the tandem for my sweet Randocommutess and then we were off, and not just into the neighborhood either, She asked if we could ride up to Red Mountain Park.  This is kind of cool because when I first started riding again, and arguably my first serious roadbiking,  this was my staple ride.  It's only 8 miles but 8 miles for someone who is not a cyclist is quite a start.  I remember being quite proud of that 8 miles at the start.  Eventually that 8 turned into the 26 mile usery loop with a scorching time of 2 hours and 30 minutes,  I was very proud of that at that time.  Not too long after that I bought a road bike.  She mentioned a desire to go up Usery someday but wants to start with Las Sendas.  The funny thing was, we didn't go as slow as I thought we would when climbing up to the park.  I think something good might be happening here.  This tandem might be worth the money.  Slow and steady's the rule.....can't jinx this.

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