Sunday, June 12, 2011

Midnight Special

Yours Truly Headin to the North end of Town
Occasionally,  the busy desert dweller finds a night ride necessary as a result of busy lives and the heat of the day.  Night rides are good for the soul.  Especially once you leave the city lights and the clock moves on and clears the roads.  It's you the moon and your headlights out in the desert with the crickets and night birds. 

The dashboard at night
 Passing the Salt River Recreation building,  the daytime anthill is quiet.  Across the street at the Sherriff's branch station all the Breathalyzers are tucked into their beds for the night.  There is not a soul on the road.  Down at the parking lot by the river all is quiet but memories of a run in with a man on the beach making threats about having a gun spook me and I am heading back up the road into the safer solitude of the anonymity of the open desert road.  I pass sillouettes of saguaros backlit by the moon which illuminates the desert.

Usery Park
Cresting the pass there is a vast array of city lights making sillouettes of the foot hills of the mountain.  Moving on, the residential areas are all dark and silent with the occasion of the occasional dog registering their opinion.  I wander through quiet back roads along the front of the goldfield mountains.  Then it is time to return.  Good night.

Sharp corner,  slow down blind dude..


John Romeo Alpha said...

Love the night rides in the summer along the canals in the hot, eery emptiness.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

I believe a night ride is in order out here, Paul. I'll put on the dynamo and go out and see what transpires out on the country roads out in the Wilds of KS--take care! Cheers! Bruce