Tuesday, January 4, 2011

See the snow....should have brought leg warmers.

Snow on Four Peaks

I haven't written in awhile.  Just so you know it's nothing personal,  I ended up working 12 hours on my 17th wedding anniversary and cancelling a bunch of reservations so it's been a busy holiday.  I did get out for a quick lunchtime ride around Usery pass today though.  It's the first time I've been on the bike since last Wed.  I struggled a bit but didn't do too badly.  I've been experimenting with strips of sheet metal under my cleat on my left shoe to shim the shoe counter clockwise to help my foot to push more with the entire foot rather then the outer edge.  I can feel the leg using different muscles but the knee seems to be a bit happier and it is easier to keep my foot straight and smooth through the pedal stroke.

I headed out without arm warmers or leg warmers thinking the sun would keep me warm.  Well, it didn't.  I did work hard enough going up the hills to get kind of warm though.  Thanks to a guy who pulled out of Las Sendas in front of me I worked harder than usual as I was using him as a rabbit (thanks for pacing me unknown guy).  We played tag for a bit down the Bush Hwy and then I dropped him.  I was sure he would pass me on the backside.  To my surprise I held onto my lead and kept it all the way up.  It was a beautiful day to ride and I was in better shape than I thought.  I did 26.44 miles and 1100 feet of climbing in an hour and 36 minutes.  I'll take an average speed of 16.2.  I am sure it is not my best,  but is still ahead of my best before I started training for Cochise the year before last (yikes, it doesn't seem that long ago!).  Hmmmm, speaking of  Cochise I need a just Paul ride before El Tour without the kids ...... 2011?

Just for the record,  I dreaming of the following rides this year -
Mining Country Century (no kids) March
El Tour de Mesa (with kids)         April
Mt. Graham?  (summer time)
Mt. Nebo? (Summer Time)
Dirty Mogollon Madness permanent (if Sturgill decides to do it again)
Cochise- 90 mile if no crew, 234 if I can find crew.
El Tour de Tucson 66 mi. (with kids)

Whether they all happen or no, time will tell.

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