Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cold morning

Cold morning on the bush highway.  I had to take a bunch of scouts out at 10 so it would be a fairly short morning ride of 26 miles.  I'm afraid there's not a lot of rando going on with me right now.  Down in Casa Grande all the usual suspects were doing the 200k I'm sure.  I wonder if it was 34 degrees for them this morning.   It was a lonely road this morning,  I don't know if it was the cold, or not.  When I hit the climb up the backside there were probably 50 or so cyclists I would count coming down in the 20-25 minutes it took me to climb it.  Apparently I didn't get the memo that everyone was training counter clockwise today.

I managed to climb strong if nothing else.  I am working on losing weight so losing a bit of power is a given, at least for a bit.  I want to ride the Mining Country Century and losing 10 pounds or so will make a huge difference with all that climbing.  It's good to be on the bike even if it is cold.  Despite the tights, long sleeve jersey and wind vest I am still chilly and would not break a sweat until right around the top of the last climb.  I was working really hard trying keep it above 8 mph all the way up.  I didn't get passed by anyone so I don't think I did too shabby.  On the other hand, it didn't look like too many people were climbing the backside today so perhaps it's all in my head.

I think the metal shims under my cleats seem to be working.  It's amazing what a mm or two can do.

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