Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Power of Woman.

I could see the city lights

So, occasionally, I get times when there seems to be absolutely no point in life the universe and everything. It's not a good place to be and it's tough to get out. I should have known it was coming though as I have been more irritable with the kids lately and have lost a lot of interest in things I normally like to do. Because of various commitments no ride happened today and I had thought I might head out tonight. The problem was I was depressed and couldn't see any point in going out in the cold dark night when there was a nice warm bed. My wife reminded me I would enjoy it once I was out. Slowly I gathered all my stuff together telling myself I would just have to go a few miles but I needed to at least get out.

Once I was in the garage I was still sluggish until I pulled the coy mistress off the wall. Dang she is light. I got a little more motivated. I felt a little guilty though as I had not cleaned her properly after the last rain ride. Would she still treat me well?

She knew I didn't need complaints or whining right now. I was riding up Power road smoothly and steadily, the coy mistress helping me along and almost pedalling for me. I was still in a dark place but she stood by me and nudged me in the direction of the light. I arrived at the point of decision, should I drop down into the usery loop or head up Las Sendas way? I didn't want to be completely alone right now so I opted for the Las Sendas route.

I have never completely climbed Las Sendas all the way up to Haws road. The upper part of the hill stays at around 6% and I saw skateboarder coming down the hill. If I could skateboard good that would be awesome. It's interesting the things that happen in the dead of night.

I could see the city lights from the top of the hill and slowly a bit of the depression chipped away. The drop down the back of the hill chipped it further. Soon I was on my way out into Apache Jct and the Coy Mistress had me speeding along on a therapeutic journey back to normal. How long will it last? I don't know, but I do know I have hope right now and that's a good thing. Hope and really cold arms and hands. It's good to have a wise woman to kick me out the door, and another to move me across bridges that need to be crossed. The power of Woman is great indeed.

Entering Las Sendas