Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas! (and pictures from the week's rides)

Merry Christmas everyone! I took some photos of the rides this week and thought I would put them up here.

Western end of Trail 100 over Monday's lunch hour.

Cactus overlooking Cave Creek road from Trail 100 in the Phoenix Mountains

Heading into tunnel near 16th street trailhead for Phoenix Mtns trail system.

Me in front of said tunnel/flood drain

They cut us loose from work early on Christmas eve so I figured I'd ride the Arizona Canal back to it's origins at Granite Reef dam on the way home.

American Graffiti under the 101

Smooth Canal bank most of the way. Best part was there was another canal to the right between me and the dogs of the reservation.

A man who needs no introduction.

Red Mountain looms large as we approach the dam.

The mighty Salt River is reduced to the mere seepings that come from the dam, Everything else is funneled into two canals for the Phoenix metro area to drink and make other uses of.

The Granite Reef diversion dam and the salt river bed.

After getting back to the highway after a few tricky sections (glad I had 28s on the old steed today, 95% of the canal bank was nice and smooth, some was not so much so) I decided I had a little extra time and did a trip around the backside of Usery Pass. Upon reflection I don't think the canal is a viable commuting route but it is definitely a nice ride when there is a little extra time to kill on the way home. I ended up with 75 miles today and 1700 feet of climbing. Not to bad for a commute huh?

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