Friday, December 11, 2009

Lunch Date

Here's my new Super Randonneur jersey I got for doing a full series a few years back.

I had to drive in today since I had to do the singing thing tonight so I threw my new special lady in the car and was off. I decided I would take her down the Arizona Canal path and show her the sights.

The fine young thing I took to lunch.

We rode down to the theme park and metro center, but all she wanted to do was ride. She wouldn't go on the Ferris wheel with me, she wouldn't ride the roller coaster, She didn't want to shop, she just wanted to ride with me for miles and miles.
She was a smooth lady who insisted on taking the lead. She wasn't as slender or racy as many women, but with all that room for fenders and the cantilever brakes, you knew she could handle herself when things got tough. She had an independent spirit and long slender chainstays that looked like they could go on forever.
So we rode, and rode. Time would dictate that our time together must end though, she to be locked in the car for the afternoon, and I in my cubicle. Still, we would always remember the Arizona Canal, Thunderbird road, and the bum sleeping standing up in the bike tunnel underpass.

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