Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well, I had intended to do a lengthy taper ride today but...... I didn't feel like it and the fact I woke up and couldn't get to sleep and the resting heartrate was up made me think that perhaps I am on the verge of the overtraining thing. The thing to do now is rest. Not a biggie, I have a whole week left to rest and I should be recovered. I think the two interval workouts I did this week and the swim session yesterday pushed me over. So, today I will prepare my race stuff for next week, do a few odd jobs around the house, take the kids on a bike ride, and just take it easy. I will get on the bike every few days before next Saturday to keep the form and legs going but I will not spend a lot of time on the bike nor pedal hard. It is time to rest. The hardest part of training.

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