Monday, October 12, 2009


Saturday I will become the number 5. In Japanese the number 5 is 'go'. That's really all there is to it isn't it? At 2 am you go. All the preparation, all the equipment and time away from friends and family, all that training, which for me adds up to 269 hours, 4450 miles, and 147,00 feet climbed (I decided to ride Cochise in April and since then my riding choices have been with Cochise in mind). Through all of it I am a faster stronger rider. In the end all of this boils down to the word 'go' really. You go. Go to Mule Pass, Go to Tombstone, go to Benson, go to Wilcox, go to Road Forks, go to Rodeo, and finally go back to Douglas. A simple word pronounced quickly and yet so long in execution, containing so much toil, so much determination. Training and preparation is so you can go, if you don't go you will never arrive. Bruce's mantra was 'press on regardless' and 'Allure Libre', I think I'll take mine from my rider number. I will just simply, go. May I go swiftly, go safely, and go boldly or boldly go and split my infinitives while I do (Hopefully nobody will be looking at the time, I'll take a spare pair of infinitives along just in case).
I will go with all my might. Let's do it.

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