Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cochise Pictures

Smiling at the start

Ready to go.

Riding in front of the Chiricahuas

Rolling hills out of Road Forks

Dropping into the valley on the way to Rodeo New Mexico

Downhill is extremely welcome for tire legs

On the way to Rodeo

The Brucemobile.

The town gathering place

Evening approaches



Dan Trued said...

Nice pics, especially like that one called "dropping into the valley." A very good scenic shot. Where did you know you had this one in the bag?

Sir Bikesalot said...

Probably Bowie. If I could get to Bowie, I could push on to San Simon which I had convinced myself was closer than it was. From San Simon I knew I could lie my way to Road forks and If I could lie myself to road forks (ie telling myself things like 'It will get better at Road Forks') I knew I could mutter and Suffer to Rodeo and once at Rodeo, I'd be within 40-50 miles and thats just a day of commuting for me so no problems there. I guess Rodeo is the for sure spot but I knew once I crossed halfway around Bowie there was no turning back barring serious injury or extreme mechanical (we had just about everything other than a spare bottom bracket or headset in the car).