Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not verifiably insane...yet

When one stays up late swearing at the computer trying to install a new networking card, One wakes up late and misses their commtue. Well, I didn't use any of the 7 'deadly' words but my wife says senseless angry babble is still swearing so I guess I was. I had a pretty good head of steam going and in fact found it difficult to go to sleep or even settle down and get back to my happy place. Anyway, that's besides the point. The point is that when one misses their morning ride but still need some miles it is up to the afternoon to get them in.

It starts to stink when there is a heat advisory for the afternoon. Add a headwind to the first half and a tailwind to the last and you have a recipe for a really hot ride. A headwind as you are working harder, and a tailwind as there is not as much cooling breeze for you. It was 113 degrees during my ride. I worked fairly hard for 40 minutes and then headed back in. I did see a couple out there riding their bikes, they were just tooling along though. Probably pretty smart. I found that with soaking my hat in the canal and splashing water on the front of my jersey I could get by, but it was a losing battle so I am glad I didn't have to be out in it any longer.

I don't know how effective training in the heat is. It definitely was not my fastest ride, but it was something I figure. I got a lot more benefit mentally and physically than if I hadn't gone out at all.

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