Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me....

All dressed out and ready to go.
I had to work late and at 6:45 I realized if I had 19 miles to ride home and if I didn't get to the parking lot before 8 pm I would be riding in the dark without lights. So, despite my near record time this morning and the legs I had run until they were dead this morning still recovering, I would need to make it back to the car in under an hour. A tall order for 19 miles with several hills adding up to over 350 feet of climbing. So, with my buff soaked and put under my helmet, a bit of water on the front of my jersey, and a waterbottle that was frozen solid I was off into the 100 degree heat to sweat myself back to the car in near record time.

A Monsoon storm brewing behind Squaw peak and the Phoenix Mountains
Turning onto the dreamy draw a large man in a hawaiian shirt is shouting F bombs at a lady in a car. He is really in a rage so I stop and stare. I don't do this out of curiosity. I don't want to get involved. I just want to show this big baby he is being watched so he doesn't do anything stupid. I hold my cell phone as he shouts something stupid about her leaving something on the printer. I think how terrible it is that people have to work for some idiot like this and wonder why don't they quit instead of letting this moron fire them. Then I think back to a boss like this I had awhile back. He finishes and storms off. She appears to be very upset. I hope she realizes that she is better off. Hopefully she finds a new job soon. It's funny how silly people look when they try to look tough by letting f-bombs fly. One or two make you look really mad. When you start getting into dozens a minute you are just silly and it loses it's effect I am afraid.

The clouds are beautiful though and I am soon climbing up past the Phoenix Mtns enjoying the cloud formations hoping one of those cells is raining on my house way out east.

Storm to the north.

My legs are burning as I hurry to beat the sunset. I climb the last hill and am pushing across the top of the hill and speed up to 27mph down the other side and hold it down towards Tempe. At one point a guy on a nice Cervalo time trial bike tucks in behind me. I'm going 25 and breathing hard but he holds on. I don't know if he is just cooling down or if he is enjoying the pull but he stays on for a few miles before pealing off just before the hill down onto Curry road next to Papago park wishing me good luck as he turns west. I check me computer and notice I have averaged 19.4 mph to this point. I have hopes of hitting a 20 mph average before the park and ride. I am hurting a bit but I still hold it above 20 heading back into Tempe. By the time I reach the park and ride I am at 19.7 mph and at 57 minutes and change. Not 20 but it's still a good time.

I'm not as bad off as I look. Just concentrating as I take the picture.

Back at the car.

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Dang! That was one fast ride, Paul--good job! Cheers! Bruce