Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Commuting thoughts on a sunny beautiful 60 degree morning.

To the fellow in the surprisingly wide chromed Lamborghini in the contruction zone who passed me so close,  if I ever see you passing me again I shall empty my nasal cavity with surprising force in your direction and considering you have a convertible, the contents might contact you and your pricey car.   Something to think about.  What?   How will I know it is you?   Um,  you do of course realize there are a limited supply of Lamborghini's in Mesa, Arizona right?   The other one is Yellow but you probably know that I am sure.  For the record,  if you give me the 3 feet of passing distance the law requires it is a very slim chance I would have the range to get nasal discharge on your car,  I haven't been training lately and my range is just not what it used to be.

To the little fellow (I assume he's a little fellow at least in his own introspection) whose little compact has a tailpipe louder than an obnoxious Harley.   You know,  you are only making people think about the things you are compensating for when you try so hard to call attention to yourself.  Why not take up a nice hobby like cycling?  Perhaps the comradery would do your self esteem some good and give you something to really be proud of.

To Les,  the intrepid commuter on the cyclocross bike who I played tag with halfway across Mesa.  So nice to see another rider out there getting to work under their own power.  You can drop into my draft anytime.  Keep it up.

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Anonymous said...

I envy the weather in your area. I enjoy commuting by bike but today in Boston has been a snowy day and so hard to ride!