Sunday, February 24, 2013

White Rabbit

Turn Around at Saguaro
Twas Brillig in the slithy toves and the Two Wheel Jones riders did wire and gimble in the wabe.    Yes twas brillig indeed and all the toves save a few were bedecked in arm and leg warmers not to mention jackets.  I had determined since I found myself with such unheard of nonsense as a few hours free in the morning and having retired early the night before that I would show up to the Two Wheel Jones ride for a ride up to the beeline and back.

Stephen would be the one late,  well maybe not so late,  for a very important date as I chased his taillight in the distance down the rabbit hole of baseline to Signal Butte road.  It took awhile for all the usual suspects to gather but eventually we were off and I mid to rear pack figuring I'd get dropped quick and shouldn't get to A,  but not enough B to yo yo at the lights.   Twas to be a strange morning though.

For some reason the A riders didn't seem to be in that much of a hurry.  We moved along up to Usery and I kept wondering when I would get dropped.    About halfway up usery frontside though some guys at the back decided they had had enough of sustainable paces,  at least for me and took off.   Then I got the "ask Alice" song stuck in my head,  one rider, takes you slow,  and one might lead you fast,  while a guy sucking your wheel,   attacks and moves right past.......    After that the 8 riders in front of me took off and I couldn't hang on no matter how hard I breathed so,  alas,  despite not having trained and gained some weight,  I am still an A- rider,  who'd a thunk it?  Still,   I got to the regroup and had time to chat with Travis before we took off.

I hung on real good along the Bush highway and then we hit Godzilla and of course I dropped back.   I'd spent a lot of energy racing up Usery and so didn't have a lot of oomph left.   I decided since I was in back again and worried about getting back before 10:45 I'd turn around at Saguaro lake.   Turns out I had plenty of time.  Next time I get the chance I'll go all the way.

Climbing out of the boat parking lot I was passed by the Cheshire cat.   I've never seen another road cyclist down by the lake so it was funny getting passed climbing out.  He would be ever present just far enough in front of me to see until I got to the top of Usery on my way home and then he disappeared.

Despite the brilligness of the morning is was a beautiful day to be out in the desert wonderland on a bicycle.   I only wished I'd have gone all the way as I ended up having plenty of time.  Oh well.

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