Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's play, finish the driver's sentence.....

I could never ride a bike in traffic but......

  • I could risk my life and others sending a text to my boyfriend/girlfriend about the last song I heard on the radio or how terrible all the other drivers are.
  • I could risk my life by watching an in dash dvd player,  which likely enough has a movie that involves a villain who risks or harms people's lives.
  • I could almost ram another car in my zeal of yelling at a cyclist.
  • I could risk my life and others in passing a cyclist unsafely to save 10 seconds of drive time.
  • I could spend 3 minutes of my commute following and harrassing a cyclist that otherwise would have cost me 20 seconds of lost time.
  • I could swear and throw a tantrum over having to deal with a peloton of cyclists costing me a minute or two, not thinking that if they were all in cars like I am, I would be exponentially screwed out of much more time.
  • I could risk my life and others by driving into the sun when I couldn't see, instead of stopping and cleaning my windshield (-but I couldn't see him officer!  The sun was in my eyes!    officer-Do you often drive while blind Sir/Mam?).
  • In heavy traffic I could use the bike lane to queue up behind a long line of cars for a right turn despite having just told a cyclist to stay in the bike lane.
  • I could blame a cyclist for taking up 4 feet of road space despite having made the decision to drive a vehicle bordering on the maximum legal width and fully suitable for driving my  posse to the Love Shack.

Feel free to add any of your own in the comments,  just keep in mind to keep it kid appropriate...

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Dan Trued said...

Or you could ride in Tucson and not have to endure any of that. Just kidding, there are probably more. Did you cover the issue of people throwing stuff at you. I've had a can of Bud, a full can of Dr. Pepper, and a Big Gulp thrown at me. 3 misses, one high, one in front and one behind.