Sunday, November 6, 2011

Am I getting repititious?

So it has been awhile since I did a Brevet.  I helped with one in Sep but couldn't ride since I didn't get Friday off for a preride. The last one I did was the Route 66 300k.  Other than that I have done permanents but have not had much of an organized Brevet year.  Perhaps it was a latent grudge against not being able to do PBP once again?  I think the biggest reason was I've been trying to bike with the kids a lot more and that interferes with training.  I have hopes of doing more rides next spring.  We have been told by my Son's therapists that Mom and Dad need to put on their 'Oxygen Masks' first so to speak so I am upping my "Dad Only" rides again.  We'll see how we juggle it around the Boy's race schedule next year.  With so many Brevet's being offered I think things should work out.

This brings me around to Saturday morning.  I had the dream again.  I don't know how often this happens to you before Brevet's but after I have had a long hiatus and am looking at a ride the next week,  I have the dream.  The dream usually starts out with me getting ready for the Brevet and then I can't find something or I run out of gas and don't make it to the start line.  The other variation is that I do start but then I get lost and can't find a control or I miss it or I'm too slow, or any number of stupid things happen.  So Friday Night I had the dream.  I invited a bunch of friends on the Brevet and they made me late.  Maybe it was my brain just telling me,  "don't even think about someone else,  this ride is for you and you need the outlet".   At least it wasn't a show up to the Brevet naked dream I guess.

Saturday's Brevet is the Mt. Lemmon Brevet.  Mt. Lemmon is one of the top climbs in the country.  Since you've been following this blog you probably know my training has not been optimal.  In fact I haven't strung more than 60 miles together in over a month.   I figure I can count the Tandem as double miles.  So I am a little trepidatious.   I did manage to do over 3000 feet of climbing over 43 miles Saturday morning in Las Sendas.  Yes,  little Las Sendas.  How does one get 3000 feet of climbing in Las Sendas you may ask?  Well,  you repeat yourself a lot.  You also dig up side roads like "Range Rider" that feature slight variations but no one rides them since they don't connect to anything.  

My saving grace is I could have done much more as I felt fine so I think if I spin I should be ok.  As far as distance goes, by the time I rode with Josh and Adela in the Afternoon, and Joseph late at night,  I had over 80 miles in.  I was sleepy but the cycling muscles weren't overly exhausted so I think I should be good.  Now to figure out how to get some fenders on the bike.  There's a chance of rain.  Maybe it might even snow up on top.  If it does rain, the Coy Mistress will miss out on a climb up Lemmon while the commuter shines in it's element.

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