Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some things can't be shared.


Lightning striking and playing among the clouds at night for one, is something that cannot be shared.  A camera might catch a piece of it but the full experience must be witnessed to be realized to it's fullest.  So too is the first rainstorm in the desert.  The smells cannot be duplicated,  the sounds of your tire splashing the water as you ride through the gathering torrent,  the silhouettes of Saguaro's flashing in the lights of the midnight storm, none of this can ever be recreated but is a piece of a moment.

Occasionally life's wonderful moments coincide and create an evening like tonight.  After the storm had finished showing off it's big haboobs the time had come for me to set out for my evening ride (didn't get a morning one as I took the kids out for a ride with them).  I thought it might just be  bunch of dry lightening but sure enough after a bunch of crazy winds the rain started about halfway up the hill as I reached the edge of the city lights.

What a cool opportunity to be out in the first rain of the monsoon on a bike climbing Usery pass with lightning flashing all across the valley and occasionally up on the mountain.  Also cool was the descent and the rain stopping but leaving the temperature at a nice 74 degrees.  I'll take 74 over 95 any night.  I could hear the wind rustling the creosote and saguaros after I turned around and started my repeats of the backside.  Lightning would flash over four peaks and over the top of the pass and out in Fountain hills about every 10 -15 seconds.  It was truly a great night for climbing and enjoying one of the few Summer nights that was absolutely pleasant.

On my way home I would come up to the top of Las Sendas and way out over South Mountain the giant moon was setting behind a curtain of rain from a distant storm.  It was a very sublime moment and I stopped and leaned over and rested on the aero bars and just soaked it in for a few minutes.

Adela at the river.
Here are some pictures from earlier in the day when I took the kids out on a ride to the Salt river along the Bush highway.  

Boys waiting for Dad.
It was well over 100 degrees by the time we were back to the car.  Fortunately the river was cold and we had a good soak before we got back on the bikes to head back.

Is it time for ice cream now?

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