Sunday, May 1, 2011

Backup plan Butcher Jones

Yesterday found me missing the Brumby's by 5 minutes so I decided to head out the Bush Highway to Butcher Jones beach at Saguaro Lake.  I like Butcher Jones as a turn around better because you get to see pretty trees and a lake as opposed to a freeway overpass.  Anyway,  the temps were just under 60 degrees starting out and I confess more than once I reflected on the fact this is probably the last perfect cycling day until October or November.

It was also the last day I could get away with skimping on water as I should have filled up at the edge of town but stupidly pressed on out into the sticks.  From here on out the rule is "Never pass up a water source without topping off".  I managed ok but I ran out of water just as I pulled up at Sonic at the end.  I ran into another cyclist down at Butcher Jones but he was not on his bike, but out with his family. 

The beach was beautiful with the huge trees on the side and the birds chattering.  The lake was fairly calm, though dotted with fishermen out for the morning's catch.  I am often surprised that more roadies don't make Butcher Jones a destination but instead opt to jet right on by in their rush to make a beeline for the beeline.  I guess it might be the rough pavement,  or perhaps it is the inclusion of another hill.

Here's some video of the highlights of my ride,  I think I finally got the helmet cam mount more stabile-

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Mark said...

I keep some chlorine dioxide tablets in my bag. If I run out of water and can't find or purchase any potable water, I can at least use canal or lake water that might be close by.