Friday, March 26, 2010

Paul crossing the Holmes

Perhaps you can see by the deciduous trees still budding in spring that I am not in Kansas anymore. Perhaps it is the cold grey sky. Perhaps it is the strange wet stuff falling from the sky that tipped you off. Well, whatever it is, know that I am once again riding on the Mt Vernon trail in Washington DC. It is really cold here this week. Last week it was 74 degrees, today it was 50, windy, rainy, and cold.

My Brother is living at a new condominium so it is a bit more of a ride down to the Mt. Vernon trail. I decided to try Google map's new bike routing and discovered that the route it gave me had a lot of lights and worked it's way through a web of traffic. The route I took back was simpler even if it was a touch longer. The street system out here is just crazy with a million little streets here and there turning every which way. It's not built out on the square type street layout.

Anyway, everytime I took my hands out of my gloves to take a picture they got so cold I couldn't get them back in the glove so I only took 2 pictures. tomorrow I am going to try and get up to the monuments and get some pictures. It's supposed to be cold but at least it won't be raining. I'm glad I brought my tights. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll have the good sense to wear them.

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