Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mr. Layton goes to Washington

Jefferson Memorial
It was tough to get out this morning but I did it. I seemed to have lost one of my gloves since Friday morning and had to improvise with a knee warmer. I also forgot to bring my hat and since the temps were below freezing I would need something to cover my head so I unziped my hood from my rain jacket.
I think wearing two jerseys under my jacket was a little overkill as I warmed right up as I headed down into old town Alexandria Virginia. When I got to the Mt. Vernon trial I was noticing puddles that were iced over. I hope the cherry blossoms aren't too affected.

Cherry Blossoms near Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Riding my brothers bike is a little more work than my road bike as it has a much more upright position and the tires are larger. Still I made OK time into a headwind. It was a beautiful ride up the side of the Potomac and then over to the Monuments on the north side.
Blossoming trees in front of the Washington Monument

It was cool riding my bike among all the symbols of our nations great men. Since there is no parking next to the monuments I think a bicycle is the weapon of choice as I could just ride up to them and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial even had a bicycle valet parking area.
Cherry Blossoms and the Washington Monument

The sun was warming things up and making pictures good when I noticed the time getting to around 8:30 and it was time for me to turn around. I made a quick trip down to the Lincoln memorial and then turned around to head back.
The World War II memorial

I actually made really good time heading back as I had a tailwind. I still stopped at a few spots for pictures though.
My brother's hybrid and the Lincoln Memorial

An angry horse and a rather cold looking naked lady looks down at me.

Cherry Blossoms

The Mt. Vernon path goes across the end of the runway

Riding along Holmes run. Almost back.

Leg/Hand warmer

Hood on my head.

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