Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Training Commute

Come along with me fair readers on my journey back to my car at the park and ride. I finally have a commute I might ride by choice if left up to my own free time. The scenery, the hills, the low trafficked roads!
It all starts at work.

I start the climb up Lincoln, this is the busiest road of my route but only lasts a few miles. The Phoenix Mtns are on my left.

Theres Camelback mountain in the distance.

The Phoenix Mountain Preserve, and a few houses up on the edge of it. Look at me they say, my owner is rich enough to spoil everyones view of the mountain and there is nothing you can do about it. Where's a good mudslide when you need it?

Camelback mountain draws closer.

Rocky crag on the western flank of Camelback Mountain.

Is it a hotel? Is it a museum? A Boy Scout Camp? No! It's multi-milliion dollar mansion!

Old McDonald had a road, E I E I O. On this road he had a Lexus E I E I O with a snob snob here, and a snob snob there, Here a snob, there a snob, everywhere a snob snob......

More of McDonald road.

Not too many people know that Flash had a brother. This street is named after him. It's Invergordon.

That's me there.

The Arizona Canal

We are getting close to Tempe now and have left Paradise Valley

Yes, that thar is one of them high fallutin Mazerati dealerships. Not to mention Fairyari's and Astoun Martin. (gee, I wonder if they leave those cars out on the lot at night?)

Corner of College and Curry.

Getting ready to head under the Red Mountain Freeway, You can feel the pent up anger of rush hour spilling over the side from above.

Camelback Mountain in the distance. Looking over what used to be a sailboat store.

Tempe Town lake.

Light rail corridor/main street bridge over the 101.

Back at the Park N Ride.

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