Monday, March 2, 2009

Tortilla Flat. or is it?

Well, the the Brumby's Orthapedic doctor looked at my knee and x-rayed it and said it looked good. But! he also X-rayed my hips since he wasn't finding as much motion in them that he liked and said I have the beginnings of arthritis in them unfortunately. He was concerned as he said it was more than he liked to see in a 38 year old. He recommended I go in for a rather pricey bike fit from a certail Jeff Lockwood. I have long meant to get a good bike fitting, it's just something that never took priority. I am a motivated customer at this point it seems. Between searching the internet for him and talking with him I find that he has coached some of the faster riders that ride the Arizona Brevet's among others so I think I am in good hands. I go in Wednesday for my first appointment. I need to clean my bike before then but when will I find time? Our master brake cylinder went out on the van this weekend and I need to fix that tonight.

Saturday morning, having been cleared to maintain my current mileage by the doctor (and to increase after my fitting) I decided a trip back to Tortilla Flat was in order since that would bump up my climbing from 2000 to 2700' feet from my last long ride. I would have preferred to ride with the Brumby's but they weren't leaving until 6:30 and I needed to be back before 9:30 so off into the darkness I plunged! It was a beautiful morning. I wore tights to keep my knees warm but they were a little overkill. I found the jacket was nice though.

I find in the climbs if I strive to keep my pedal stroke smooth my knees feel good. They are a bit achey towards the end but it is in a good way and not the same as they were before. I find the trip out and back is a little more taxing than I last remember but then I need to recall that I am still working my way back up to where I was. I have a few pounds to lose and an extra 20 or 30 miles to add to my weekend rides to get me to that point (not to mention 2000 feet or so to the climbing).

Nice Butte
I am determined to turn around at 8:00 so I can get back before 9:30. Fortunately I am to Tortilla Flat before then and I determine that I will turn around here and call that good for the day. After all, 2700 feet of climbing in 52 miles isn't too bad especially after all the time of the bike I have had. I pass the Brumbys going the other way as I ride past canyon lake.

Topping the pass climbing out of Canyon Lake I catch the tailwind that had been tormenting me as a fierce headwind all morning making my aero bars whistle. By the time I get home my average speed has climbed to 13.2 mph. Not my best by a long shot but still better than what I did before I joined the Brumbys.

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Nice Butte indeed!
Get the bike fit, mon ami...

Ah yes, you have a new friend to ride with, one that will always be there to keep you company--Arthritis--what a good sport he is!

Cheers! Bruce