Thursday, November 27, 2008

Of Gratitude Clouds and Cacti

Thanksgiving morning. Today I will find it hard to stay on the diet, as I did last night, but I will get to that later. Clouds are hovering in the peaks like wisps of hair on the heads of wisend old men. The streets are just wet enough to generate a slight spray off the tires but it is a beautiful morning. It is the first morning of the year I am wearing my long sleeve jersey and pedal through the desert like a firefly of flourescent green contrasted against the gray dawn.

Climbing Usery Pass my knee is a little sore but nothing serious and I keep concentrating on my pedal stroke. Stopping to take a few pictures of cacti and clouds gives it some rest. I wished I had brought my good camera as the clouds made for some breathtaking shots and my cell phone ruined the best ones unfortunately. Still, I am grateful for the experience of being out this morning.

The smell of fresh rain renews my soul and invigorates my psyche. The desert is green. Rain has brought the plants to life and the subdued light contrasts the colors of the desert beautifully. I stop to take a picture of a Teddy Bear Cholla and the mists suround the top of Usery Mountain.

Behind the pass I turn to Red Mountain and behold the clouds milling about it's top and side, sliding down the back of it like billows of soft snowy white wool. Then, just as I am about to turn south, the sun pokes through and lights up the mountain with its crags and rocky red slopes illuminated and beautiful. I stop to take a picture but the camera blurred it so I am afraid the memory is sequestered to my memory only.

I am grateful this morning. Lately I have been grateful I had a steady job for 12 years. I am grateful for a loving family and the friendship of friends and co-consipiroters in cycling. I am grateful for a roof over my head and a bicycle beneath me. I am grateful for a companion such as my wife who puts up with all my quirkiness and this love of the wheels and highway and thrill of adventure in the open air traversing our own little corner of America. Lastly, I am grateful for the prospect of a job.

I recieved a call yesterday regarding an interview I had on Monday. They said from their side the interview went really well (which is funny as I thought I did OK but didn't do as well as I would have liked) and they were going to recommend to Senior Management that they hire me. Their Corporate Recruiter in Texas said I should have an offer next week around Wednesdayish if everything with my background checks out. It looks good fair readers. Very good. I am not going to count on anything until I get the offer but I am grateful for a ray of hope on the job front.

The location is 30 miles away so I am going to have to get creative on my bike commuting options. Still, where there is a will there is a way. I have many options open and my Brother in-law works fairly close to it so carpooling might be a possibility. If I go that route I am going to purchase a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket so as to be able to pop the bike in his trunk without any problem since he drives a Mustang. If he doesn't want to carpool I might have to result to some other creative measures like driving in, riding home, riding in, driving home, and so on. In any case, it will be interesting and I am determined to make it work. There is much to be grateful for this day. Happy thanksgiving folks!

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