Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hood Ornament - almost

Well fair readers. yesterday I had one of the closest calls I have had in 16 years on the bike. I was headed eastbound on Ray road (no bike lane but the outside lane is wider). The sun was just heading into sunset at my back, I was cruising along at a spiffy 20 mph crossing an intersection when suddenly the black corvette waiting to turn left from the opposite lane guns it in an effort to beat the cars behind me. Well, I didn't really have time to be impressed by the spiffy acceleration of our fine american made sports cars as I realized everything was going into super slow motion I am going to be hit adreno vision. I could brake but I was past that point so I yelled a couple of times, and braced for the impact and prepared to lie down on his car and skid across the pavement. The impact never came, I heard his brakes screech from behind me. He must have just barely had enough reaction time to get a little braking in. He can't have missed me by more than a few inches and I wouldn't be surprised to see rubber marks on the side of his car from my back wheel. If he had not been in a convertible I don't think he would have heard me and perhaps his reaction would have been too late. I was shaken for the rest of the evening. But this morning I am back on the bike. 16 years of riding is a long time. Another 16 would be nice without another one of these incidents. If he had hit me my wife and I could have raced around the house in his and her wheel chairs although It is most likely I would have broken my collar bone, although his bumper could have snapped my ankle if it caught my foot on the downstroke.
On a more happier but not necessarily good note, I got another pop from somewhere near my feet this morning as I stood to pedal through an intersection. new BB, New Pedals, New rear hub. Only one option left fair readers. It is time for a thorough frame inspection. Although maybe it is the cleats?

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

That was close, Pablo, very close...