Monday, March 17, 2008

Funky Jack

Saturday morning (early early) I went down to help the people on the 400k bike ride at the Picacho Peak stop since I couldn't ride it due to all the stuff happening recently. On the way back I stopped at the Santan Regional Park for an hour or so of mountainbiking. An old friend of mine told of his local golf course and a fellow they called "Dirty Jack" who new and somwhat well to do people thought of as a newb or greenie and didn't think much of. Well, it turns out this fellow was incredibly good at golf and would always show up the guys in the expensive clothes and with the expensive clubs. Saturday I was that man. I had nice cyclingclothes but my bike was 17 years old and had no suspension like all the other mountain bikers do thesedays. Anyway, I proceeded to pass many bikers on their fully tricked out $1000+ bikes and even went through some stuff that some of them chickened out on. I later ran into a group of them later and overheard someone saying "look over there, theres that guy I was telling you about!". It felt good to know that although I have hardly done any mountain biking since living at NAU 12-13 years ago that I still had my chops so to speak,even with a sprained thumb.
The desert flowers are beautiful right now and I opted to take the kids up to Usery park in the afternoon to see how they would take to doing a little mountain biking of their own. Adela loved riding on the trail-a-bike behind me and Josh and Becky ate up the trails. Joseph on the other hand, had to walk a lot more and was not quite so happy. I believe the fact that his front wheel is not centered and his seat was too high may have something to do with it so I am going to work on that this week I think.

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